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The founder, Laura Rodriguez Garcia and David Mainka, together with site Manager Felix Prechtel (m.) visit the construction preparation for laboratory ventilation. Photo: Woodpecker

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Ebay is the prominent Player in the Europarc, but three Linden is also a technology Park with lots of innovative enterprises and Start-ups, whose names are hardly one knows, because you are in the B2B on-the-go. Such a company Ayna Analytics GmbH, founded by the spouses Laura Rodríguez García and David Mainka is. David Mainka is a pharmacist and a specialist in infrared spectroscopy. This and other methods he studied medicine for drug content. David Mainka: "Many of the drugs come from large drug companies, but are made for reasons of cost of hospital and community pharmacies themselves. For you, it is difficult to qualitatively and quantitatively necessary to carry out analyses. Quick, simple, but reliable solutions are there in all pharmacies will be most welcome, especially as the authorities attach great importance to security in the manufacture of medicines.“

Drug safety with Ayna Analytics

Until Recently, David Mainka worked for the safety of the drug by a pharmaceutical company. Because he found for his ideas, not enough support, he decided for the formation. With your business plan, Ayna Analytics GmbH was able to convince the Medium-sized investment company, banks and funding agencies. The two partners will invest around five million euros in the establishment. The IHK Potsdam supported the Start-up with a positive opinion. The contact came to be – and Daniel Hönow won the founder also still the same for the Junior, the network for entrepreneurs under the age of 40.

At the time, Laura can Rodríguez García and David Mainka their lab days continue to expand, with security gates and a large vault for the storage of narcotics. The company want the rooms to 17. September passed. The Ayna Analytics GmbH is a tenant at Europarc. As a first reference, you choose the interior design and can plan your laboratory and office space. In order for the Europarc Dreilinden GmbH is economical, complete with the tenants ten-year contracts.

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